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Discover Your Healing Potential

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Fertility and Pregnancy

Holistic care for pre-conception detox and preparation, fertility optimization, and pregnancy support.


At Home Hypnotherapy

Overcome fears, anxieties, and other issues holding you back. Receive hypnotherapy sessions via telehealth, at home.


Functional Health & Detox

Create a healthy foundation by detoxing mold, heavy metals, and chemicals, and revitalizing mitochondrial health. 


Herbal Medicine

Restorative, natural medicine for body, mind, and spirit. Recover from fatigue and chronic complex health issues.

Image by Sean Oulashin

"Let me start by saying that Valerie is one of the most gifted practitioners I have ever met. A few months ago, Valerie helped me through an impasse when no one else could. I was really struggling with severe anxiety around a necessary medical procedure and was hovering in an emotional limbo that brought me a significant amount of suffering. I tried numerous other options, such as traditional therapy, to no avail. After a session with Valerie, in which we explored my unique situation, she took time and care to custom create a hypnotherapy recording for me. Literally days later I was already feeling a significant shift in my level of anxiety, and most importantly I soon moved past my nearly insurmountable fear related to the procedure. I can honestly say I owe my relief to Valerie and her skillful, gentle, instinctual approach. I recommend her for anyone dealing with fears and other major life stressors."       -C.C., Sonoma, California

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