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Hypnosis for Fertility and Pregnancy


Are you feeling stressed or suffering from anxiety related to fertility challenges, while trying to conceive, or during your pregnancy?

Have you tried other methods to relax such as meditation, therapy,  yoga, or positive affirmations, but you still can't turn off your worried thoughts?

 Hypnotherapy, by working with your unconscious mind, can "re-code" your mind to help you eliminate anxiety, overcome fears, and feel more calm, more optimistic, and more at peace throughout your journey.

By reducing stress and anxiety, and helping you to sleep better, hypnotherapy can not only reduce your suffering and help you to enjoy life again, but also can help to improve outcomes.


Hypnosis can help you to:

Free yourself from anxiety and fear.
Reduce stress.
Improve fertility outcomes.
Use the power of the mind-body connection to positively influence your health and improve your fertility.
Sleep better.
Regain trust in your body and feel safe again.
Stay calm throughout IVF and medical procedures. 
Overcome past trauma.
Feel lighter, feel more at peace, and more joyful.

Hypnosis is an evidence-based, scientifically proven method to help with fertility, IVF, and pregnancy. Read some of the research here:



Hypnosis done during in vitro fertilization has been shown to double the implantation rate.

Hypnosis has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and physical symptoms during pregnancy.


"A persistent, unprecedented high success rate establishes that 'unexplained' reproductive failure is psychodynamically triggered, is reversible with psychotherapy that includes hypnosis. The study explains causation in terms of psychosomatic stress. When that is alleviated with hypnotherapy, there are remarkable results."

If you would like to experience the benefits of hypnosis for fertility and pregnancy, check out my

Bodymindspirit Fertility Program.

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