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Bodymindspirit Fertility Program

Welcome to your sanctuary, a place where the journey to motherhood is lightened of the burdens of anxiety and stress. Here, your dream of holding your baby in your arms is nurtured with the utmost care, respect, and understanding, ensuring a journey that's as serene as it is successful.

More than just optimizing fertility, Bodymindspirit Fertility's unique approach is designed to dissolve the clouds of stress and anxiety that often weigh on the pursuit of motherhood. This one-on-one program is tailored specifically to you, offering:

Private Fertility Coaching: One-on-one sessions that not only address your unique challenges and goals but also provide emotional support and guidance, significantly reducing stress and anxiety.

Customized Chinese Herbal Formulas: With over 25 years of experience in Chinese medicine, I expertly select and tailor herbal formulas specifically for you, to harmonize and optimize your fertility. These bespoke herbal formulas are designed to enhance both your fertility and overall well-being, drawing on the profound power and rich tradition of Chinese herbal medicine for fertility and healing.

Professional-Grade Nutritional Supplements: Proceed worry-free through the complex world of nutritional supplements with my professional guidance. Avoid the guesswork and the risks of low-quality or counterproductive supplements. Benefit from the highest quality supplements at reduced prices, ensuring your path to wellness is both safe and optimized.

Tailored Dietary & Lifestyle Guidance: Recommendations designed not just to nourish your body and enhance fertility, but to also ensure your journey is grounded in tranquility and peace, free from the anxieties of the unknown.

(Optional) Fertility Meal Plans: Simplify your life with weekly customized meal plans prepared and customized for you, that do more than nourish your body—they imbue your fertility journey with ease, removing the stress of meal planning and preparation.

Mindset Support, Heart-Centered Meditation & Fertility Hypnosis: Key elements of the program designed to directly combat stress and anxiety, utilizing powerful techniques to cultivate a positive mindset on your fertility journey, remove unconscious blocks, and to program your mind and body for successful conception and a healthy, joyful pregnancy.

Fertility Charting and Labwork: Offering clarity and insight, these tools empower your journey, reducing anxiety by providing precise, actionable information tailored just for you.

A Safe Space for Healing and Transformation: Your journey with me is a confidential (as well as secure and HIPAA-compliant) sanctuary for healing, growth, and transformation—a haven where stress and anxiety are replaced with hope, clarity, and peace. 

Your needs are unique. Imagine a path to motherhood that honors your individuality, addresses your deepest concerns, and nurtures your overall well-being. The goal is not just to conceive; you're seeking to create a foundation for lifelong health for you and your future children.

The Bodymindspirit Fertility Program is more than just a pathway to pregnancy; it's a transformational experience that nurtures your fertility on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. 


Free yourself from anxiety and stress

on your fertility and pregnancy journey. 


Just wanted to share our good news with you. I had a positive pregnancy test yesterday! [My husband] and I would like to say a 'very big thank you' for your help and encouragement. Your kind words really meant a great deal to me. We couldn't have managed without you!"

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