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Valerie Mendels, L.Ac, RTTP

Valerie Mendels

Hi, I'm Valerie.


I'm a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner who has been treating clients for over 22 years. My work integrates elements of functional medicine and nutritional therapy. I am also a certified hypnotherapist.

I currently see clients exclusively via telehealth. Research has shown therapy to be more effective when done via telehealth than in person. My clients love the convenience it provides, and it allows me to work with people who live almost anywhere in the world.

My calling as healer came at a young age. I was fortunate to do my Master’s degree in 5 Element Acupuncture, a beautiful, poetic tradition from ancient times, very different from modern TCM that is more commonly practiced. Our studies were rooted in Taoist philosophy, and included training in the School of Philosophy and Healing in Action (SOPHIA). After completing my Master's degree in Acupuncture, I furthered my studies with an additional 2-year certification program in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

I later completed advanced training in fertility and focused my practice during many years on fertility, becoming the first fertility specialized acupuncturist to practice in Barcelona, Spain, and pioneering the integration of acupuncture with IVF treatment in Spain. In both Spain, and later on in the San Francisco Bay Area, I collaborated with Reproductive Endocrinologists and fertility clinics, to provide patients with integrative care that included Chinese medicine, nutritional support, fertility coaching, and meditation, to support them alongside their IVF and other ART treatments. I have helped thousands of women who had struggled with fertility to become pregnant and bring healthy babies into the world.

My practice over the past 22+ years allowed me to help people in a wide variety of settings, before I started my virtual (telehealth) practive. I have worked with clients in English, French and Spanish, and held practices in the US and in Europe. I provided acupuncture in inner city drug detox clinics, inside men’s and women’s prisons, in my own clinics in Maryland, Spain, and California, in a retreat center in the mountains of Catalunya, inside premiere fertility clincs in Barcelona and the San Francisco Bay Area, and at companies including Apple.

I am passionate about helping my clients to heal and to be able to live their lives fully. Hypnotherapy and Chinese medicine are effective ways to create profound, positive change and healing, in all areas of our lives.

Whether I am working with hypnotherapy or Chinese medicine or another modality, my belief and philosophy about healing is that you, my patient or client, already have the resources within you. I am not the expert, whose role is to fix a broken client. Rather, I am here to help awaken within you, and reconnect you with, the inner resources that you already have, although you may not yet know they are there.


“Thank you for the part you played in helping this life come to be.  Valerie, [my husband] and I believe you have been the greatest factor in this wonderful, glorious improvement in our 7 year odyssey.  She [our daughter] is a blessing and you will always be held sacred in my heart as the most important part of the process that allowed her genesis. Thank you.”

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