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  • Valerie Mendels, L.Ac, RTTP, M.Ac.

Can You Really Do That Over Zoom?

This is what people often ask when they hear that I do hypnotherapy in a telehealth format: “Does that actually work over Zoom?

The answer is: absolutely yes.

(However I am not currently using Zoom; I conduct all the video calls through my secure telehealth platform.)

The hypnosis process does not require any physical contact; it only requires you to hear my voice.

In fact, many hypnotherapists work with their clients exclusively over the phone.

I prefer video calls so that I can see your body language and facial expressions, in order to be more attuned to what you are feeling.

Therapy, when done via telehealth, actually has better outcomes than therapy done in person, according to recent research.

Why is it more effective?

Probably because of two factors:

1. Ease of attendance. It is easier to make the time for your session when you don’t have to go anywhere, and there is no traffic or other commuting stress to deal with.

2. You tend to feel more comfortable, relaxed, and able to let go, in your own space.

So this is a win-win for everyone. My clients can be located anywhere in the world, and work with me from the comfort of home.

. . . And my puppy has his mama (i.e. me) at home with him!

He usually gets a nice long walk before each session so that he will be ready for naptime while I work with my client. But even without the long walk, the hypnosis seems to make him sleepy . . .

What questions do you have about hypnotherapy?

Contact me to have your questions answered.

with love and light,


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