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Fertility Counseling

Are you having trouble getting  pregnant? 
Have you suffered one or more miscarriages and are afraid it could happen again?​​
Are wondering whether to consult a fertility specialist but are afraid to go down the IVF route?​
Have you been diagnosed with PCOS or another fertility related condition?
Would like to use a holistic, natural approach to boosting your fertility, but are having trouble sorting through the endless information, to know what methods and resources could actually help?
Are you preparing for IVF or egg freezing, and would like to know how to optimize your chances of success while also staying happy and sane through the process?

Would like to proactively prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy ?

Are you not ready for a baby yet, but would like to preserve your fertility naturally for the future?

As an integrative fertility specialist I can help you,
with one-on-one, personalized guidance.

Optimizing your fertility is a journey that that is made up of many decisions and choices, great and small. 


From whether and when to consult a doctor, which doctor to consult, and which procedures to undergo, 


or which natural fertility methods and treatments to try,


to everyday decisions around every aspect of your diet, lifestyle, exercise routine and supplements . . .  


There is so much to know, and if you are searching for information on the internet, there is a lot of contradictory information and it is hard to know what to believe.


You are busy. It is hard to find the time to research thoroughly and make the healthiest decisions around food and lifestyle, let alone every detail required to make the best choices for your fertility. 

Researching and figuring out all of this would be a full-time job. . .


And if you are navigating the world of medical fertility procedures without having any expertise yourself, it is easy to feel lost and very disempowered when it seems as if everything is out of your control.

You don't have to go through it alone. Working together, I can help guide you, support you, advocate for you, help you to make choices, and make sure that all the conditions are optimal to help you to have the baby you are meant to have.

Having this kind of support can help you feel more empowered, less stressed, and to get pregnant sooner.

Why work with me?


Expertise and experience

I have been treating patients with Chinese Medicine for 20 years, and the past 15 have been focused on fertility. I have worked in private practice, as well as having a practice in a fertility clinic, and providing acupuncture onsite and in collaboration with some of the top fertility clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area and Barcelona. 


Integrative Care

In our work together, I will assess your situation through an integrative lens and guide you on the best next steps, whether that involves consulting with a Reproductive Endocrinologist or working with natural methods. 

Your treatment plan may include a diet specific to your fertility needs, lifestyle advice, tailored supplements (taking into account your unique genomics), lab testing, functional medicine, and in many cases customized Chinese herbal formulas for each phase of your menstrual cycle. Optionally if you choose to, we can incorporate mind-body therapies such as heart-centered meditation and reiki.


Personalized Care

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for fertility, which is why reading a book or taking a course is unlikely to help. You are unique, and nothing can replace personalized, one-on-one support from a specialist.


Convenience and ease

Meet with me from your home or office, via your computer, phone or tablet, on a secure telemedicine platform.

Receive a summary of our session with clear action steps, so that you don’t have to take notes or struggle to remember what we discussed.


Confidentiality and security 

Your health and personal information is kept strictly confidential, per the laws that govern healthcare privacy (HIPAA). Your data is encrypted and protected by HIPAA compliant systems.


When you visit your doctor, and even when you see an acupuncturist or other health care provider in a busy and fast-paced clinic, you might notice that there is never enough time. But fertility care takes time, time for deep listening, reflection, research, answering of questions, checking in each week, and careful attention to the smallest details. I provide this time in our sessions, and I limit the number of clients that I take on, so that I have time to reflect and focus on you, and you will always feel listened to and never rushed. 


Helping you on your fertility journey is a profound responsibility that I take seriously. There is a limited window of fertile years, so you need to choose your support team carefully. I always do my best to make sure that you are getting the best care possible, to optimize your chances of success. I refer out if ever I believe that you need a different kind of specialist.


Research has shown that state of mind and stress levels impact fertility outcomes.

As we work together, in addition to optimizing your physical health and fertility, you can expect to:

Reduce stress

Reconnect with and better understand your own body and cycles

Be supported, and worry less

Feel lighter, happier and more positive

“Thank you for the part you played in helping this life come to be.  Valerie, [my husband] and I believe you have been the greatest factor in this wonderful, glorious improvement in our 7 year odyssey.  She [our daughter] is a blessing and you will always be held sacred in my heart as the most important part of the process that allowed her genesis. Thank you.”